We have a few more signatures remaining but soon will begin the process of auctioning and giving away the Crickett CPR Rifles!  Watch the latest video by cutlerylover who always has been very supportive and we appreciate him so much as we do all who have signed.  Make sure you REGISTER so that when we are ready you will get the notification of the auction and giveaway! You can also upload videos. Your channel will be created when you register!

Are you tired of censorship by Google and YouTube?  I am!  I am now having to request every video be reviewed for monetization.  Not one of my 2,000 videos has every broken YouTube's Term of Service but because my ideology does not match that of Google or YouTube, I have had strikes placed against my channel and I am banned from live streaming. Enough is enough and I am starting over in 2018.

I am not deleting my YouTube channel just yet.  Google still owes me as far as I am concerned and I will squeeze every dime out of them I can.  I suspect their platform model will change soon anyway so I will wait to see what happens but in the mean time, I cannot wait for them to see the error of their ways.  I am moving on!

So join me!  Create a channel here and help build a site that we can all use and enjoy.  It just getting off the ground and improvements will be ongoing.  Make your suggestions to me and I will see if we can work them in.  Give it a try!

We are in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness through video!  Join Us!  You are "at liberty" to upload your videos without fear of censorship.  Just follow the golden rule and all will be well!

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